Just a few sites of possible interest...
for a comprehensive list of support sites please refer to the GIRES site:

T: 0118 9268632 M: 07941 568450 e: zoemasson@hotmail.com Wonderfully trans-friendly and ultra professional

My regular salon...
very highly recommended :-)

TS Road Map Site

National Helpline: 0845 231 0505

Support network for transsexual,
transgender and intersex staff in the Civil Service

UKs largest independent gender therapy organisation

Campaigning for respect and equality for trans people

Gender Identity Research and Education Society

Online T-network

Simpy the greatest rock band in history ;-)

David Coverdale: the most striking vocalist in rock

Ok, maybe I'm SAD... but they rock!!!
Gary Moore R.I.P (1952–2011)
Still got the blues, in an empty room,
along some parisienne walkway,
and over the hills and far away....